Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI
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Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI

First flown in mid-1917, the Zeppelin-Staaken R VI, with 18 examples built, was to be by far the most numerous of the giant, long ranged R-planes. Powered either by four 245hp Maybach Mb IVs, or four 260hp Mercedes D IVa engines, mounted back to back in twin nacelles to drive two pusher and two tractor propellers, the R VI's top level speed was 135km/h, while its normal range with a 1000kg bomb load was around 880km. Delivered to Rf Abt 501, by now transferred to the Western Front, the RVIs sometimes operated alongside their smaller G type bretheren in raids against the English mainland and more distant French ports and cities.The Navy operated a sole, float-equipped example of this bomber under the designation Zeppelin-Staaken Type L, serialled 1432.

Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI

 ENGINE4 x Maybach Mb.IV, 183kW
    Take-off weight11848 kg26121 lb
    Empty weight7921 kg17463 lb
    Wingspan42.2 m138 ft 5 in
    Length22.1 m73 ft 6 in
    Height6.3 m21 ft 8 in
    Wing area332 m23573.61 sq ft
    Max. speed135 km/h84 mph
    Ceiling4320 m14150 ft
    Range800 km497 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 7.92mm machine-guns, 2000kg of bombs

Alejandro, 28.09.2011

I want to make a 1/72 scale of the Zeppelin Staaken RVI, but I did not find plans or cutaway of this. I KNOW THERE IS A RODEN'S KIT OF THIS AIRCRAFT, I want to make this from zero...Could someone send links or information? thanks!

gangya, 18.06.2011

If you would allow me to use this in the book/exhibition, what would be the costs involved, and what form of acknowledgement would you require

, 18.06.2011

Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI

eric, 26.03.2010

i am looking into doing a model version say a 100 inch wingspan. does anyone know where i could get plans?

Barry, 18.01.2010

In response to John's posting, please look at the Zeppelin-Straken R.XV which can be found elsewhere on this site. This aircraft had 5 engines and there were other examples of aircraft with 5 engines during this period.

John, 06.12.2009

I have in my possession a very interesting diary written by my brother in law's mother of her time as a nurse in France during WW1. She describes seeing shot down in Villers-Brocage in August 1918 a five engined German bomber with a crew of seven that she descibes as having 1300HP and it was a Frederichs Haven Bomber. I think she's talking about a Friedrichshafen - but also possibly the Zeppelin Staaken - I can't find any reference to a five engined bomber in WW1 on the net - is she mistaken? Thanks for any replies

Juergen Lachmann, 20.04.2009

I am in possession of a original propeller of this unbelievable aircraft, the only other known part is an engine gondola at the Krakow Aviation Museum.

Sgt.KAR98, 25.07.2008

One of my favorite WWI bombers.I suppose its my 2nd favorite.

I also want to know hows the inside.

ken crowe, 01.01.2008


I am preparing a book/exhibition for Southend Museum (England) on my area in the First World War. I was wondering if you could supply a high resolution copy of the photo of the Zeppelin Staaken that appears on your web site? If you would allow me to use this in the book/exhibition, what would be the costs involved, and what form of acknowledgement would you require?

Very many thanks, and best wishes for the new year.


Wulfgang, 24.09.2007

I want to see the inside!

Tim, 08.08.2007

Do any technical drawings for the R VI still exist ?

jordan, 03.01.2007

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