Fokker F.25 Promoter
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Fokker F.25 Promoter

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Barry, 19.02.2013

A car sales dealer named Fritz Diepen, whose business had taken, not unsurprisingly, a downturn after the German invasion contacted a man called Koebakker to design a light single engined aeroplane capable of carrying a pilot plus 2/3 passengers. Diepen then, in secrecy, built the Diepen 421 Difoga (q.v.). The fact that this aeroplane was built in the occupation and not discovered by the Nazis was remarkable in itself. However, the plane was made from poor materials so it's life after the war was a short one. Undaunted, Diepen approached Fokker with an order for 100 aeroplanes, if they would build something similar. His intention was to start an air taxi company. The Prospector was duly built and as noted elsewhere it suffered vibration problems due to the extended propellor shaft. The underlying problem for this aeroplane was that after the war there was so many ex military aeroplanes available at knock down prices that to try and sell a brand new unproven design was going to be extremely difficult. This coupled with the fact that Fokker had received an order for 100 S11 Instructors meant that they just did not have the production capacity. So after 21 models had been produced the production ended and in short order all remaining Promoters were destroyed, although some years later Fokker did look at producing a plane of similar design but to no avail.

, 18.06.2011

air max fly

H.Chr. Salters, 06.02.2011

Flown for the first time on 20 october 1946, the Promotor was a promising design, based on the wartime build Difoga 421.
A quite advanced plane for its time with an automaticaly inbuild step-up for it's passengers. A total 21 were build six of them where sold to an Spanish airtaxi firm.
Due to never quite totally solved vibrationproblems with the lenghtened propshaft, they achieved limited succes and were soon taking out of service.
This photograph shows the prototype, the production version had elongated tailplanes and a higher air intake.
Specifications are: max. speed 227 km/h, max take off weight 1.425 KG wingspan 12.00 mtr, lenght 8.50 mtr. engine: Lycoming O-435 190 HP.

manuel abad, 26.11.2010

Do these aircraft still fly?If so where.thanks

manuel abad, 26.11.2010

Do these aircraft still fly?If so where.thanks

CHOLET, 18.02.2009

Cet quadriplace de tourisme réalisé en bois fut construit après la guerre. Une série de 20 apprail était prévue mais seul le prototype PH-NBA prit son envol.

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