Fokker T.8-W
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Fokker T.8-W

Designed to Netherlands naval air service specifications for a torpedo-bomber/reconnaissance aircraft suitable for home and the Netherlands East Indies service, the Fokker T.VIII-W floatplane was built in three versions: the T.VIII-Wg of mixed wood and metal construction, the T.VIII-Wm which was all metal and the T.VIII-Wc, a larger version of mixed construction.

An initial order for five aircraft was placed, and all were completed by June 1939, when a further batch of 26 was ordered, most of them intended as replacements for T.IVs in the East Indies, but none was delivered there. A total of 36 T.VIII-Ws was built, these comprising 19 T.VIII-Wgs, five T.VIII-Wcs and 12 T.VIII-Wms, the difference of five being accounted for by a Finnish order which was not delivered. These were of the T.VIII-Wc variant which had a 1.83m longer fuselage, 2.01m increase in wing span, an additional 8.00m2 of wing area, and power provided by 664kW Bristol Mercury XI engines. In the event, the Fokker factory was overrun by the Germans before completion of this order, but the aircraft were finished and subsequently delivered to Germany along with 20 ex-Netherlands navy aircraft. A one-off landplane variant, the T.VIII-L built for Finland, was also seized by the Germans.

Meanwhile, eight T.VIII-Ws had been flown to England along with other Dutch floatplanes on 14 May 1940, and on 1 June 1940 No. 320 (Dutch) Squadron RAF was formed at Pembroke Dock, to operate the T.VIII-Ws on convoy escort work. These aircraft carried RAF markings, plus a small Dutch triangle badge. Three of the aircraft were lost, and with no spares available the remaining aircraft were flown to Felixstowe for storage. They were joined by another in May 1941, when four Dutchmen escaped from Amsterdam and brought their T.VIII-W down on the sea near Broad-stairs. German navy operations with their group of T.VIII-Ws were confined mostly to patrol work in the Mediterranean.

Fokker T.8-W

 ENGINE2 x Wright Whirlwind R-975-E3, 336kW
    Take-off weight5000 kg11023 lb
    Empty weight3100 kg6834 lb
    Wingspan18.0 m59 ft 1 in
    Length13.0 m43 ft 8 in
    Height5.0 m16 ft 5 in
    Wing area44.0 m2473.61 sq ft
    Max. speed285 km/h177 mph
    Cruise speed220 km/h137 mph
    Ceiling6800 m22300 ft
    Range2750 km1709 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.9mm machine-guns, 605kg of bombs or one torpedo

Fokker T.8-WA three-view drawing (592 x 821)

Andre, 01.04.2016

My family member flew R10 and crashed while escorting a ship.

Rein Boomsma, 29.04.2013

My father stole R25 (KD+GQ) from Amsterdam harbour with 3 other comrades and flew to Broadstairs in England on the 6th May 1941. The aircraft was kept in Felixstowe until at least 1944. I have dad's original picture of the aircraft when he landed, but sofar no other pictures have come to light. There has to be more but does anyone know?

Joe Espsoito, 04.04.2013

The Do-24, also was used by German and Allied forces in WWII although not in the same theater. I think also the He-115.

Joe Espsoito, 04.04.2013

The Do-24, also was used by German and Allied forces in WWII although not in the same theater. I think also the He-115.

J.T. Wenting, 21.02.2012

Factoid: Both the Germans and British kept the aircraft away from the North Sea theater to avoid blue on blue engagements. The T.VIII was the only aircraft used operationally (rather than for test and evaluation purposes) by both sides during WW II.

Erin, 30.11.2009

Wow. This is amazing. I am doing research about my grandfather who worked as engineer at Fokker before the war and came upon your site. He was in charge of building the T.8-W planes for Finland.

jorge norberto vigo, 28.04.2009

Muy interesante sobre un avion poco conocido. Estaria bien que se amplie la informacion sobre el esc. 320 holandes en la RAF, asi como la actuacion por los alemanes en el Mediterraneo o en otro teatro en que lo hayan usado; al igual que los fineses

Kees, 07.02.2009

I found one

Mordechai Dessaur, 08.04.2008

Sorry, I could not find any picture of this aircraft with RAF roudels, although they do exist.
There was an all metal version built with 2x 850 hp engines

William T Luther Jr, 04.10.2007

Does anyone know if any photos exist of these aircraft in R.A.F. colors?

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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