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Dan, e-mail, 04.04.2017 22:01

Barry, Can you tell me the stall speed of the FK 51? I have been able to find everything but that on line.

Thank you in advance.


Barry, 21.07.2016 16:45

First flying on 25th May 1935, 142 of this trainer /reconnaissance aircraft were produced. They flew with the LVA (the Royal Netherlands Air Force) who ordered 54, the Dutch Naval Aviation Service ordered 29 and the Royal Dutch East Indies Army ordered 38. The Spanish Republican Army ordered 35, of which 28 were delivered on a clandestine basis owing to the Dutch Governments embargo on weapons to Spain in their civil war. The engines varied with the customer.

Power plant (Royal Netherlands Air Force) 1 x 350 h.p
9 cylinder Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah air cooled radial.

Span 29'6" Length 25'9" Height 9'2" Wing area 290 sq ft
Empty weight 2,227 lb Gross weight 3,527 lb

Max speed 146 mph Cruising speed 133 mph Range 454 miles
Service ceiling 18,370 ft

Armament 2 x Forward firing 7.9mm machine guns and two similar weapons on a flexible mount in the rear cockpit


Hans van der Heiden, e-mail, 08.02.2015 13:15

My dad flew this type during his pilottraining at Kalidjati, Military Flying School on Java, 1941 to 1942. An entry in his logbook dated 1942, januari 10: Koolhoven FK 51 144. In flightformation with RAF Swordfishes, with torpedo's, allmost midair collision with other koolhoven.


Anthony Caira, e-mail, 31.07.2011 11:13

This one is in the markings of the Spanish Air Force in the post civil war period.
It has the black cross on the rudder typical of the nationalist forces and the red yellow red circle on side typical of pre-civil-war markings. It is the cross on the tail which gives it away as post civil-war.
I would be fascinated to see any in war time nationalist colours as I only have photographs of ones inrepunlican service - including a single seat variant.
I would estimate this at any time post 1940, perhaps the numbers on the tail and a check of the spanish aircraft register, resurrected in circa 1939-40 may help with a more accurate guesstimation of year.
Used as night bombers, recconaisance, trainers and you guess whatever else during the Spanish Civil war. I have many more picturs or info if anyone interested. Looking for pictures of Vultee V1's in Republican or other service:) of Loc


laurent penin, e-mail, 10.04.2010 17:08

32 were still in netherlands air force and marine service by may the 10 1940 .


Michael S., e-mail, 02.06.2009 01:04

few have been built, royal dutch naval service, obsolete by may 1940 during german assault.some remained in the dutch colonies until 1941-42


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