Airbus A320
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Airbus A320

Early Airbus proposals for a family of airliners centred around twin-aisle and single-aisle designs, and while the first two aircraft featured twin-aisles, the third member of the family introduced the single-aisle. Although it shared some aerodynamic similarities with its two larger cousins, the A320 is essentially an all-new design, incorporating state-of-the-art airliner engineering features. Among the technological, firsts are a full fly-by-wire control system with sidestick controllers, gust alleviation function for a smoother ride and greater fatigue life and a centralised fault display and warning system. Intended for the 737/MD-80 market, the A320 has seating for 150 to 179 passengers, these accommodated in a wider cabin than most single-aisle aircraft, allowing for far greater comfort and the ability to take standard baggage containers.

Go-ahead for the programme was announced on 2 March 1984, and on 22 February 1987 the first aircraft took to the air from Toulouse with CFM56 engines. The first 21 aircraft were the basic A320-100 version, but these have since been superseded by the definitive A320-200, this featuring an extra fuel tank and wingtip fences. Versions under consideration are a convertible passenger/freight model and an all-cargo freighter. In 1989 Airbus announced a stretched version, the A321 with.a 44.51m long fuselage. With 186 passengers in a two-class layout, this will fill the capacity gap between the A320 and A310.

In service the A320 has proved extremely reliable and economical. These factors, together with the advanced technology, have made it the best-seller yet for the Airbus family. Air France took the first delivery on 28 March 1988, and the type was certificated in 1989 for operations with the IAE V2500 high technology engine. The type has achieved major sales in the United States with Northwest and Braniff.

Airbus A320

 MODELAirbus A320
 ENGINE2 x CFM56-5-A1 turbofans, 111.2kN
    Take-off weight73500-77000 kg162041 - 169757 lb
    Empty weight41900 kg92374 lb
    Payload19100kg42109 lb
    Wingspan34.1 m112 ft 11 in
    Length37.6 m123 ft 4 in
    Wing area122 m21313.20 sq ft
    Cruise speed850 km/h528 mph
    Range4800-5500 km2983 - 3418 miles

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Bill Roll, 22.02.2011

I flew Captain on the A320 for my last 4 years with Northwest Airlines. I liked the airplane but didn't feel it was "built tough" like the DC-9. I had a couple strange things happen that I still don't have the answers for but it worked as advertised. I wanted to fly it because I flew captain on the DC-3 and wanted to say I flew the technology of both era's in the first 100 years of aviation. Those were the "good ole days," never to be seen again.

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