Airbus A321
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Airbus A321

A stretched A320 -- designated the A321 -- was designed with a typical first/economy mixed-cabin capacity of 185 passengers and a range of up to 5500km. The A321 made its maiden flight in March 1993, and revenue service operations began in early 1994.

Airbus A321

 ENGINE2 x CFM56-5B/P, 133-146kN
    Take-off weight83000-93000 kg182985 - 205031 lb
    Empty weight48100 kg106043 lb
    Payload23400-25600kg51588 - 56439 lb
    Wingspan34.1 m112 ft 11 in
    Length44.5 m146 ft 0 in
    Height11.8 m39 ft 9 in
    Wing area122 m21313.20 sq ft
    Max. speed0.82M0.82M
    Cruise speed0.78 km/h0 mph
    Range4150-5500 km2579 - 3418 miles

abbas, 24.10.2011

how can i make a load sheet for a321

Kiril, 04.04.2010

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Indran, 24.09.2007

Searching for followong information on A312.
Average fuel burn for 4hrs sector with 199 pax.
Maintanance cost/hr for 4hrs sector.

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