Airbus A330
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Airbus A330

High capacity, medium range passenger plane. The first flight was in November 1992. Entered service in December 1993.

Airbus A330

 MODELAirbus A330
 ENGINE2 x General Electric CF6-80C2 turbofans, 291.4kN
    Take-off weight208000 kg458564 lb
    Empty weight115300 kg254194 lb
    Wingspan58.65 m192 ft 5 in
    Length62.56 m205 ft 3 in
    Height16.74 m55 ft 11 in
    Wing area361.6 m23892.23 sq ft
    Cruise speed910 km/h565 mph
    Range9000 km5592 miles

John Brooks, 13.02.2012

Also had PW4068 engines and the A330-300 take off max wt was 513000 lbs.

Kiril, 14.07.2010

Airbus A330 available for sale. Contact me for more information.

samret imwisate, 03.07.2007

CF6-80C is not type for A330

Khalid Ali, 14.01.2007

I need information about engine dimension for A330 engine for Passenger Aircraft and the dimension when fixed to the cradle.

Also for the engine transport we can use which type of Aircraft is the B747F suitable.

Many Thanks

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