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Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, four-engined airliner manufactured by Airbus S.A.S. It first flew on April 27, 2005 from Toulouse, France. Commercial flights should begin in late 2006 after 15 months of testing, with the delivery of the first aircraft to launch, for one of Airbus's customers–Singapore Airlines. During much of its development phase, the aircraft was known as the Airbus A3XX, and the nickname Superjumbo has also become associated with the A380.

The A380 is double decked, with the upper deck extending along the entire length of the fuselage. This allows for a spacious cabin, with the A380 in standard three-class configuration to seat 555 people, up to maximum of 853 in full economy class configuration. Two models of the A380 will be available at launch. The A380-800, the passenger model, is the largest passenger airliner in the world, superseding the Boeing 747. The other launch model, the A380-800F, will be a freight aircraft, and will be the second largest freight aircraft after the Antonov An-225.

The A380-800 has a maximum range of 15,000km (sufficient to fly from Chicago to Sydney nonstop), and a cruising speed of 1,050km/h, similar to that of the Boeing 747.


Airbus A380

 ENGINE4 x 310kN GP7270 or 310kN Trent 970/B
    Take-off weight569000 kg1254437 lb
    Wingspan79.75 m262 ft 8 in
    Length72.73 m239 ft 7 in
    Height24.45 m80 ft 3 in
    Wing area845 m29095.50 sq ft
    Max. speed945 km/h587 mph
    Ceiling13115 m43050 ft

Barry, 24.10.2016

Back to the aircraft, is it a success? At the moment no. It really is a tremendous piece of engineering and without doubt a number of airlines especially in the middle east have got behind it, but overall sales are below expectation. Airbus have recently announced a cut back in production to 12 a year i.e. one a month; welcome to the world of loss making. I think they thought the Americans would buy, but as even the European airlines have bought in small quantities it is increasingly doubtful if the cavalry are going to ride over the hill and save the day.

Utalim.Switzerland, 04.12.2015

Dear Sir,
We are looking for A320 passenger air craft three numbers for purchase. please send us your official FCO. Thanking you, Manager.

Faulk, 15.07.2014

@ Stephen Round- The Yanks didn't screw us over NEARLY as bad as the French!

Vulcanman, 27.04.2014

Alright Mr. Stephen Round, you can call yourself whatever you want to, your rhetoric is STILL tired and STILL stale. You hate and you hate and you hate but it means absolutely nothing to the rest of us who know better. Time to go back to Youtube where some of those idiots might actually buy into your xenophobic garbage.

JohnH, 09.01.2014

I've endured three flights in this lumbering brute, it's cruising speed is actually at least 50 mph slower than the 747 and other long range jets, it's an airborne cattle truck with too many passengers crammed in for cabin crew to manage. Having twice endured a 14 hour stretch in one I'd say - AVOID. Passengers should not have to put up with this - let alone pay through the nose for the privilege. QANTAS/EMIRATES - are you listening?

Stephen Round, 06.01.2014

Who says I am british I am English where is my English Government - why be british for London's thieves, being british has never worked for us and never will!

Vulcanman, 26.12.2013

This fellow Brit is embarrassed by the pure crap spewing out of Stephen Round's type-weary keyboard. You see, many years ago, we freely and quite clearly screwed OURSELVES into industrial oblivion without anyone's help, thank you very much. Our esteemed friends in Parliament decided that it was easier just to let some other rich country pay for all the research and development of new fighters, bombers, transports, etc. and just buy it from them at mass-production prices. Can't blame the yanks for trying to make the same bucks we used to make.

Oh and are you seriously suggesting that WE have not been spying on EVERYTHING every American man woman and child has done since the beginning of World War 2?? You're not REALLY that naive, are you? I'm just enjoying the fact that they got caught and we can still officially deny it!

Stephen Round, 21.10.2013

The British Aviation Industry got comprehensively shafted by our ever true and trusty friends the Yanks those so generously spoken and so mean minded folk who implemented the Morgentau Plan on their most loyal ally.

Every e-mail made on this Island is read by them every phone call every communication of every kind go look at the bastards with eyes open now - they are walking talking shit machines who steal from us at will!

sleeplessinseattle, 12.01.2012

Wing cracks, reinforcement during static testing, oil leaks and the need to make and sell 1000 or more to break even, socialism at its finest!!!

George, 16.02.2011

I work for Boeing and what makes an airplane fly is money. Airbus makes good airplanes and the Europeans are a tough competitor. The A380 is a heavy airplane and is a gas guzzler, so does the 747. Ten years ago, the freighter variant of the 747 superceded the passenger version of the 747 in terms of orders. This will happen to the A380. But I'm not sure of how well the design of the freighter version of the A380 compares to the 747. Time will tell.

scumbucket, 23.11.2010

The Airbus 380 is a piece of shit!

Travis, 22.10.2010

The Airbus A380 is currently being used as a commercial airliner by Singapor Airlines.

Kiril, 14.07.2010

Airbus A380 available for sale. Contact me for more information.

Chris, 07.09.2009

While it's yet to be seen if the A380 will be a commercial success or failure. I believe Airbus was overly optimitistic that everything would just fall into place with making the largest airplane in the world. Their biggest problem is production. Each aircraft has final assembly in Tolouse, but individual compenents and sub-assemeblies might be shipped from numerous facilities before arriving in France.
Also they just got unlucky with the timing. Their prodcution delays coincided with the global economic crisis. I hope to fly on one some day, but I don't know that they will survive for long.

Joshrv144, 26.09.2008

There's is a Airbus A380-700 and the 900 model will be in service in the next decade or two

CJL91, 11.01.2008


Sgt.KAR98, 24.12.2006

I read the A380 was a failure.
Is this right?

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