Panavia MRCA Tornado
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Panavia MRCA Tornado

The Panavia Tornado is a jet engine fighter-bomber and interceptor jointly developed as the Multi-role combat aircraft - or MRCA - by the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. It first flew on August 14, 1974. International co-operation continued after its entry into service within the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment, a tri-nation training and evaluation unit operating from RAF Cottesmore in Rutland in the English Midlands. Including all variants, 992 aircraft were built for the three partner nations and Saudi Arabia.

Panavia MRCA Tornado

 ENGINE2 x Rolls-Royce/Turbo Union RB-199-34R, 63.3kN
    Take-off weight15000-20000 kg33070 - 44093 lb
    Wingspan13.0 m43 ft 8 in
    Length18.0 m59 ft 1 in
    Max. speedM2+ M2+

Panavia MRCA TornadoA three-view drawing (714 x 1000)

, 20.06.2011

Panavia MRCA Tornado

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