Agusta A.Z.8


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Agusta A.Z.8

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Marco Riva, e-mail, 23.02.2008 22:35

Designed by Filippo Zappata (also creator of C.A.N.T. "Z" planes) in 1955 as a light transport, capable of 22 passengers. First prototype (MM564) flown on 9 /6 /1958, proving to be a very good machine. Unluckily, Agusta was heavily involved in building Bell Helicopters undel licence, so the commercial promotion of the plane was, at least, understimate. Agusta ceased any developements of the aircraft, selling it to Italian Air Force (unit remarks RS-1) for liason and transport duties. Grounded due to lack of spare parts, its last flight was on 11 /9 /1963, and demolited two years later.
wing span: 25,50 mt
lenght: 19,44
wing surface: 66,80 sq. mts.
weights: 71.00 Kgs (empty); 11.300 max on t /o
speed: 427 km /h
ceiling: 7.500 mt
range 2.500 km
engines: 4 x Alvis Leonides (540HP)
crew: 2
payload: 22-26 passengers
total built: 1 (MM564, RS-1)


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