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Alaparma AP.75 Baldo

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Guido Di Pietro, 09.11.2016

I sold the Alaparma baldo 75 I-DONP to an english pilot
that flew it in England.The year was 1965!
I painted the shark teeth non the nose!

Bob Boorman, 09.04.2016

My friend Tony Scadding owned one of them probably the one seen by Frank Hall at Lydd airfield as tony lived near Ashford in those days. the one he owned was red wit sharks teeth panted on it.I know he wold like to find it and wold be happy to hear from you his phone No is 01726 858617, mob.07895 101478.

Cristiano Giustozzi, 05.03.2014

One AM10 (I-CARD) is actually conserved in San Pelagio Castle's Museum.

Terrence Murphy, 10.01.2013

The Alaparma 75 was the second version of the Alaparma 65. It had 10 more hp and was a little heavier. I wrote up the Alaparma 65 Baldo in my book (not published yet) this way:

The Alaparma 65 Baldo was an unusual two-seat light monoplane produced in Italy shortly after World War II. Designed by Adriano Mantelli, it featured an egg-shaped fuselage with cabin doors that hinged upwards and to the back. The conventional tailplane, with single fin and rudder, was carried on twin booms on either side of a pusher engine installation.
The undercarriage consisted of a single mainwheel under the fuselage pod, a small tailwheel not far behind it, and small outrigger wheels on the wingtips. The Alaparma 75 was the second version of the Alaparma 65. It had 10 more hp and was a little heavier.

Alaparma 75
Wingspan: 23 ft 0 in
Length: 16 ft 8 in
Height: 4 ft 9 in
Gross weight: 1,080 lbs
Powerplant: 1 75 hp Praga D engine
Maximum speed: 140 mph

Lyndon, 02.10.2012

As an eleven year old aircraft spotter, I also saw the Alaparma Baldo 75 at Redhill airfield (Surrey, UK) in the late sixties. Probably the same one as Brian Wood saw. It had been flown all the way from Italy, so we were told. It was a strange (and tiny looking) aircraft...

BRIAN WOOD, 02.02.2012


Frank Hall, 10.05.2011

One of these interesting machines G-BCRH was imported into UK in early 1970s via Lydd airfield in Kent. The pilot reported that take off needed care as the temptation to over rotate might stuff the tail booms into the tarmac.
The promising performance on so little power is a tribute to minimalism...which is also evident in the restricted cockpit capacity.

Ray B, 15.09.2008

According to the entry in 'The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft' the Alparma 75 is a re-engined 65 using a 75-hp(56kW)Praga D flat four piston engine. Maximum level speed 135 mph(217km/h)cruising speed 119 mph(192km/h). The aicraft was also made in Argentina under the name of Mantelli, the AM-10 was powered by a 65-hp Continental A65 engine and the AM-11 Albatross by a 22-hp Ambrosini P-25 engine!

Enzo Marrucci, 06.08.2008

I am last pilot to flyng a AM 10 in 198O

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