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Ansaldo A.C.3

Based on the Dewoitine D.9, the A.C.3 differed primarily in having slightly increased wing span and area, and a marginally reduced overall length. Powered by a 420hp Gnome-Rhone Jupiter IV nine-cylinder radial, the prototype was flown early in 1926, and a total of 150 A.C.3s was delivered between September 1926 and April 1927. Armament normally comprised two fuselage- mounted and two wing-mounted 7.62mm Darne machine guns, but the latter were sometimes replaced by a single gun above the wing centre section mounted to fire upward at an oblique angle. During the 'thirties, the A.C.3s were employed in the assault role and were finally phased out in the summer of 1938.

Ansaldo A.C.3A three-view drawing (1660 x 1060)

  Take-off weight1352 kg2981 lb
  Empty weight959 kg2114 lb
  Wingspan12.80 m42 ft 0 in
  Length7.28 m24 ft 11 in
  Height2.93 m10 ft 7 in
  Wing area25.00 m2269.10 sq ft
  Max. speed247 km/h153 mph

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