Ansaldo I.S.V.A.


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Ansaldo I.S.V.A.

A single-seat float fighter version of the S.V.A., the I.S.V.A. (the "I" prefix indicating Idro or water) was built at La Spezia in 1918. Power was provided by a 205hp SPA 6A engine and armament consisted of two synchronised 7.7mm Vickers machine guns. A total of 50 I.S.V.A. fighters was manufactured and these aircraft were used both for the defence of naval bases and coastal reconnaissance.

  Take-off weight1100 kg2425 lb
  Empty weight878 kg1936 lb
  Wingspan9.10 m30 ft 10 in
  Length9.30 m31 ft 6 in
  Height3.70 m12 ft 2 in
  Wing area24.5 m2263.72 sq ft
  Max. speed195 km/h121 mph

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