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Azionari F.L.3

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Barry, 02.02.2016

Alessandro is quite correct. This aeroplane was a a side by side two seater designed by Francis Lombardi and was available with an open or enclosed cockpit. The first flight was in 1939 but production was suspended at the beginning of WW II. Resumption of production after the war and was taken over in 1947 by Lombardi. AVIA produced 335 plus one prototype and by the time Lombardi ceased production in 1948 over 700 had been built in total. This was not the end though because design authority was purchased by Meteor Spa who redesigned and re-engined with a further 38 produced as FL53, FL54, or FL55 models.
Power (FL3) 60 h.p. CNA D4
Span 32'4" Length 20'10" Height 5'7" Empty Weight 750 lb
Gross Weight 1260 lb
Max Speed 120 mph Range 340 miles Service ceiling 19,700 ft

Alessandro, 25.02.2008

The factory of this aircraft is AVIA (Azionaria Vercellese Industrie Aeronautica) and not only Azionaria

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