Beltrame Colibri
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Beltrame Colibri

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ralph gallagher, 30.04.2017

450 cc engine 18 hp at 4200 RPM, oil and fuel mixed. Mr. Beltrame was an expert on diesels. In the 1930s he wrote a piece for an Italian aviation magazine on aviation diesel engines.

Heldmyer, 13.08.2010

"Opposed-piston single cylinder air cooled two-stroke Beltrame engine"...

Does ANYONE have ANYTHING on this concept?

I know Fairbanks-Morse does it for large diesels for submarines (WWII) and gensets and trains even today, but a small engine like that?

It must have been very light!

Ralph Gallagher, 03.11.2009

built in 1937 by Quinto Beltrame. 1938 edition of Jane's states plywood monocoque, 18 hp opposed-piston single cylinder air cooled two-stroke Beltrame engine, three drive belts to prop. 6.06 m span, 3.55 m long, 1 m high. 4.5 sq m. wing. empty 70 kg, loaded 160 kg. 60 km/h mimimum speed, 140 km/h cruise, 160 km/h max. Take off run 125 m, landing 50 m. range 500 km. elevator is sole. Elevator is only controllable surface: +12.5 degrees, - 2.5 degrees, 30 degrees lateral tilt each side. I seem to recall reading 50+ years ago that engine was a deisel.

3VI, 20.08.2007

The Beltrame Colibrý was nicknamed "the sky motorcycle" and was built (but not flown) by a North Italian iron and steel foundry company located in Vicenza.

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