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bombardier, 02.09.2012

The plane shown here is a CR-25.The F.C.20 had a glazed nose with a big gun sticking out of it.

Benny, 11.10.2010

Is this picture not from a Fiat CR.25 !!!
The CANSA FC.20 is a total differend aircraft,stil with two engines but stil completele diferent ...

Luca Cerutti, 24.12.2007

Cansa FC.20 was created by engineer Mosso. Originally conceived for terrestrial reconnaissance became subsequently a reconnaissance/attack aircraft. It was equipped with a quite powerful armament: a 37 mm gun in the nose, 3 machine-guns (2 on the wings and one in a dorsal turret) and 250 kg of bombs (tipically incendiary). It had a metallic structure and 2 engines FIAT A74 RC38 with 14 cylinders air cooled of 840 HP each that made it reach a speed of 420 kmh. It had a very long set-up so that the first aircraft was operative only in March 1943 followed by few others planes (8 or 10) before armistice arrived.
Here are some data of CANSA FC.20:

Take-off weight 6820 kg
Operating empty weight 4770 kg

Wingspan 16 m
Length 12.18 m
Height 4.03 m
Wing area 40 m2
Max. speed 420 km/h
Ceiling 7350 m
Range 1150 km

carlo, 06.11.2007

this is not a picture of the cansa fc 20 but of the fiat cr 25

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