Caproni Vizzola F5
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Caproni Vizzola F5

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Bernard Rumbold, 06.11.2014

it is a near lookalike to the Gloster F5/34

Ed Bolla, 02.03.2012

The following info is from Combat Aircraft of the World - G.B. Putnam & Son; 1969
Full entry can be found starting on page 207.

Aircraft was of fixed wood & metal construction, with retractable undercarriage. Only about 14 production models built. These were equipped with the Fiat A.74 RC38 Radial Engine (840 hp) and armed with two fixed 12.7mm MG mounted in the wing roots.

Span: 37' 7/8" Length: 25' 11 3/4" Height: 9' 10 1/4" Max Weight at Take off: 5,004 lbs
Max Speed: 317mph at Alt. of 9,840ft
Service Ceiling: 31,170 ft Combat Range: 478 miles

, 17.06.2011

so cheap

Pedro_Vial, 14.12.2009

Except for the tail, it looks from here like the polish PZL P.50 Jatrzab

Aero-Fox, 10.09.2009

I believe it actually had superior performance specs to both fighters, and was simpler to produced, but political intrigue and the fact that it was only available about a year after Macchi's design kept it from serious production.

calum morris, 04.10.2008

if you want some info just look at the macci seatta and the fiat freccia, these three have the same stats pretty much, it equiped one sqaudron.

weston, 11.11.2007

get some #@%! info

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