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Fiat CR.1

Two prototypes of the Fiat CR.1 biplane fighter, designed by Celestino Rosatelli (hence the CR prefix), were flown in 1923, and the type was selected for large- scale production for the newly formed Regia Aeronautica. First deliveries of an eventual 240 production aircraft, designated CR.1, began in 1925.

During the 1930s many Italian CR.1s were given more powerful Isotta Fraschini engines, and these were to continue in service until 1937. Nine aircraft were exported to Latvia. The Fiat CR.2, CR.5 and CR. 10 were variants of the basic aircraft fitted with different engines, usually on an experimental basis.

Fiat CR.1

 ENGINE1 x 300hp Hispano-Suiza 42 8-cylinder radial engine
  Take-off weight1154 kg2544 lb
  Wingspan8.95 m29 ft 4 in
  Length6.16 m20 ft 3 in
  Height2.40 m8 ft 10 in
  Max. speed272 km/h169 mph
  Ceiling7450 m24450 ft
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine guns

roberto, e-mail, 08.11.2016 15:01

The 300 hp Hispano-Suiza engine had 8 cylinders in-line.


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