Fiat CR.20
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Fiat CR.20

The first prototype flew in July 19, 1926.

Fiat CR.20A three-view drawing (702 x 864)

 ENGINE1 x FIAT A.20, 295kW
    Take-off weight1400 kg3086 lb
    Empty weight940 kg2072 lb
    Wingspan9.8 m32 ft 2 in
    Length6.6 m22 ft 8 in
    Height2.7 m9 ft 10 in
    Wing area25.8 m2277.71 sq ft
    Max. speed280 km/h174 mph
    Ceiling7900 m25900 ft
    Range w/max.fuel600 km373 miles
 ARMAMENT4 machine-guns

Barry, 31.05.2016

Designed by Celestino Rosatelli the CR.20 was a successful stepping stone to the later CR.30/32 and CR.42 fighters. Some 735 were produced in four different models flying with 8 different air arms.

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