Fiat CR.32
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Fiat CR.32

The Fiat CR.30 was soon superseded by the more refined CR.32, which made its appearance in 1933. It was considerably faster than the CR.30 and much more manoeuvrable. Delivery of the first series (383 aircraft) began in 1935, this being followed by 328 examples of the improved CR.32bis. Two more variants, the CR.32ter (100 aircraft) and CR.32quater (401) were produced, these differing in armament and airframe detail. Total production of the CR.32 consequently amounted to 1212 aircraft, making it numerically the most important biplane of its era. It was used extensively in the Spanish Civil War and in the early months of World War II in Greece and East Africa.

Fiat CR.32

 MODELFiat CR.32
 ENGINE1 x FIAT A.30 R-A, 440kW
    Take-off weight1850 kg4079 lb
    Empty weight1260 kg2778 lb
    Wingspan9.5/6.2 m31 ft 2 in / 20 ft 4 in
    Length7.5 m25 ft 7 in
    Height2.6 m9 ft 6 in
    Wing area22.1 m2237.88 sq ft
    Max. speed375 km/h233 mph
    Ceiling8800 m28850 ft
    Range w/max.fuel750 km466 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 12.7mm machine-guns, 12 bombs

Fiat CR.32A three-view drawing (664 x 920)

george tcheng, 02.08.2012

dear sir
as I know. the chinese airforce was sent 16 students to itily at in 1938 or 39 ? study in univerest of during for study the airforce knowhow with 2 years. and then back to china. my father was one of them. do you have somemore news ?

renzo, 13.03.2011

This plane was operated by the Italian Royal air force on
4th and 6th wings which represented the acrobatic component
of Air Force.
My Grandpa was one of them...

fer-de-lance, 08.01.2011

The Chinese Air Force was never big enough to absorb 150 fighters prior to the Sino-Japanese War. Only five CR-32 remained operational in one squadron (the 8th) in August 1937. With limited spare parts, planes damaged in combat coulkd not be repaired. Only one, Number 806, remained operational after a little over a month of combat defending Nanking. Plucky Number 806 particpated in all the major air defense missions over Nanking until relieved by the Soviet volunteer units in November. It was then transferred to the 25th Squadron with surviving Hawk III and fought in, and survived, every major Japanese raids on that city late in 1937. Its last recorded action was in Jan. 4th, 1938 when the redoubtable Capt. Chow, Ting-Fang fought three JNAF A5M to a draw. Out numbered, the rest of the 25th fared badly, losing three Hawk III's including the famous IV-1 and three pilots.

Old "806" finally retired when the 25th converted to Hawk 75's in 1938.

Barry, 02.12.2010

150 were exported by Fiat to China. Other exports were made to South American countries and Hungary.

CHINESE, 14.06.2009


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