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Fiat RS.14

On receiving a joint requirement from the air force and the navy, CMASA, a FIAT subsidiary, developed the RS.14 a floatplane for maritime reconnaissance. 152 examples were produced (including the prototypes), and were used with great success. The aircraft could also be converted for attack missions by fitting a canoe-shaped belly pod able to carry to 400 kg of bombs.

Marco, 20.12.2012 22:06

Correction: 'Ing. Manlio Stiavelli' was the designer.
RS = Ricognizione Stiavelli (that would be the proper spelling)


Barry, 07.09.2012 12:18

Designed by Manilio Stevianale the RS14 (Ricogniazani Stevianale) was one of the better designs to eminate from Italy during World War II. As noted by Lorenzo there were 184 models produced some of which were still in use after the war's end. They were used on and around the Italian coast and carried 4 /5 passengers.
The land based version whilst successful in it's prototype form was never developed due to the Italian armistice.


Lorenzo from Montesilvano(Pe)., e-mail, 01.04.2009 20:15

The examples were 184 plus 2 prototypes; in summer 1943 a land-based version with retractable landing gear and 6 12,7 mm machine-guns and a 37 mm cannon was proven and was destinated to the assault,being called A.S. 14 .
Model:Fiat R.S. 14
Role: reconnaissance,antisom and SAR floatplane
Engines:2 Fiat A.74 RC.38,649 kW(882 CV) each .
Empty weight:5470 kg
Takeoff weight:8470 kg
Wingspan:19,54 m
Lenght:14,10 m
Height:5,63 m
Wing Area:50,00 square metres
Max speed:390 km /h
Ceiling:6300 m at 4000 m over sea level
Range:2500 km
Climb: to 5000 m over sea level in 15 minutes
Armament:1 12,7 mm machine-gun in the dorsal turret; one 7,7 machine-gun on each side;400kg of bobs in a ventral canoe-shaped pod . This plane had armored plates to protect the crew .


Rogerio Reis, e-mail, 12.06.2007 16:38

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