Reggiane Re.2000 Falco
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Reggiane Re.2000 Falco

Officine Meccaniche Reggiane SA began development of a single-seat fighter which was based very closely on the US Seversky Aircraft Corporation's P-35 designed by Alexander Kartveli. Competitive evaluation against the Macchi MC.200 resulted in this latter aircraft being ordered into production for the Regia Aeronautica, although the Reggiane Re.2000 had shown itself to be superior in manoeuvrability, even when flown against the Messerschmitt Bf 109E. The type was ordered by the Hungarian government, which also acquired a manufacturing licence. Re.2000s were supplied also to Sweden, being operated until 1945 by the Flygvapen under the designation J.20. And though rejected by the Regia Aeronautica, the Italian navy acquired 12 Re.2000 Serie II fighters especially strengthened for catapult launching, followed by 24 Re.2000 Serie III aircraft with increased fuel capacity for deployment as long-range fighters.

Reggiane Re.2000 Falco

Alberto Rizzi, 24.02.2018

Not chosen for mass production above all because of its tanks in the wings and other reliability problems, the Re. 2000 (Hawk) “Falco I” was anyway the most outstanding among the “Serie 0” class fighters. He had good export success (above all in Sweden and Hungary), while the 28 machines built for Regia Aeronautica had just sporadic combat occasions chiefly in Southern Italy. Employed in patrol and escort cruises over the Sicily Channel, it was able to shoot down a single Bristol Blenheim in its career; while its (low) losses happened above all because of engine troubles and failures of other components.
Much more significant the war tasks for the so called “Héja” (Goshawk) in Hungary Aviation and for its development the MAGAV “Héja II”, thought as “interim fighter” in waiting the Bf 109, meanwhile solving the several reliability problems of the original. The “Héja II” had a new and little improved engine, new 12,7 mm (0.50”) machine guns (the two Breda-SAFAT often jammed) and improved self-sealing tanks.
Both the types where sent to the Eastern front as escort fighters for Axis recon aircraft against the Russian; and in homeland as interceptors against the allied bomber raids over Hungarian towns and airports. Duties that the “Héja” fulfilled nearly until the end of W.W. II without praise or blame.

Barry, 06.09.2016

186 built plus those under license.

Reggiane Re.2000 Series I

Power plant 1 x 986 h.p. Piaggio P.XI RC 40 fourteen cylinder two row radial

Span 36'1" Length 26'3" Height 10'6" Wing area 220 sq ft
Empty weight 4,585 lb Loaded weight 6,259 lb

Max speed 329 mph at 17,400 ft Cruising speed 273 mph
Range 340 miles Service ceiling 36,745 ft

Armament 2 x 12.7 mm Breda-Safat machine guns

greg, 12.03.2015

'short & fat' is not always bad, look at the hellcat & bobcat...

Klaatu83, 08.10.2011

"This plane was really short and fat."

Very like the Seversky P-35 from which it was derived, except that the main landing gear of the Re.2000 was more like that used on the Curtiss P-36/P-40 family of fighters.

The Hungarians built the Re.2000 under license for their Air Force. I believe the son of Admiral Horthy, who was Regent of Hungary at that time, was killed while flying one.

guba, 18.06.2011

if u can have a isometric view of the plane it will look more appealing

, 18.06.2011

Reggiane Re.2000 Falco

Ronald, 05.09.2008

Interesting that the Reggiane and Republic families of fighters have a common ancester: Seversky. The P-35, P-43 Lancer, P-47 Thunderbolt in one branch and the Falco, Ariete, and Sagittario in the other. What a contrast! And both superlative.

3VI, 16.10.2007

So, if you think that the color drawning above is out of proportions, you are wrong!!! This plane was really short and fat. Not what i call a beaty at all...

anant, 02.10.2007

if u can have a isometric view of the plane it will look more appealing

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