Savoia-Marchetti S.59
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Savoia-Marchetti S.59

This biplane flying-boat was produced in two forms: the standard S.59 with a 298kW Lorraine-Dietrich engine and the S.59bis with a 372.6kW Isotta-Fraschini Asso 500Ri engine. Examples of both versions went into commercial and military service during the 1920s.

Savoia-Marchetti S.59

    Take-off weight2950 kg6504 lb
    Loaded weight1950 kg4299 lb
    Wingspan15.5 m51 ft 10 in
    Length10.36 m34 ft 0 in
    Height3.5 m12 ft 6 in
    Wing area60 m2645.83 sq ft
    Max. speed200 km/h124 mph
    Ceiling4550 m14950 ft
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.7mm machine-gun, 280kg of bombs


This Savoia Marchetti S-59 was named "Buenos Aires"

BB Fee, 18.09.2010

My Father Warren T. Fee and his brothers Stanley, Harry and Gilbert owned a Savoy Marchetti and operated Air Tours Inc of New York City and the East Coast Flying services of Allenhurst N.J. they had two airports one of which was located off of Deal Road and Route 35 in Deal N.J. at during those years. As a kid we had a picture of this plane in the house I grew up in.

Juan Jose Membrana, 17.08.2010

Mr. F Harris

You are right in second semester of 1926 one airplane like this with Lorraine Dietrich engine, flew from New York to Buenos aires for the very first time.

The flight was a comercial exploration flight to open the road between North and South America, then expanded by PAA

frederick harris, 17.03.2010

I believe an aircraft of this type (Lorraine V-12) flew
from New York to Buenas Aires in 1926. Crew:- Duggan,
Olivero and Campanelli. Would like to have more details

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