Savoia-Marchetti S.M.95


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Savoia-Marchetti S.M.95

The first prototype flew on May 8, 1943. 23 built.

Savoia-Marchetti S.M.95A three-view drawing (702 x 728)

 ENGINE4 x Alfa Romeo 128 RC.18, 641kW
  Take-off weight21600 kg47620 lb
  Loaded weight12800 kg28219 lb
  Wingspan34.28 m112 ft 6 in
  Length24.77 m81 ft 3 in
  Height5.7 m19 ft 8 in
  Wing area128.3 m21381.01 sq ft
  Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
  Ceiling6500 m21350 ft
  Range2000 km1243 miles

Barry, 06.11.2012 17:46

In the post war years the SM95C flew a sheduled return service for Alitalia to Manchester (Ringway) via Northolt, Milan and Rome. Whether this plane could have flown to New York is another matter and if it could I doubt very much that it could ever fly back!


Aerohist, e-mail, 04.10.2012 23:02

Alitalia, formed in September 1946 as Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali had four S.M.95C's in its fleet.
Alitalia's first international flight (destination Oslo) was made by an S.M.95 on the 6th of July 1947.


Ben Beekman, e-mail, 07.03.2011 03:09

According to Wikipedia, this airplane featured wood covering for the wings and fabric covering for the cabin roof and sides. An unpressurized cabin limited its ceiling when carrying passengers. A special version of this aircraft, the SM.95GA, was designed to have a range of 6,840 miles, sufficient to bomb New York. When reminded of the large numbers of Italian immigrants living there, Mussolini directed that only leaflets were to be dropped. The war took an unfavorable direction for Il Duce and the planned attack never came off. Since only 23 were built, the last one in 1949, its hard to see how any attack on New York with SM.95GA's would have benefitted the fascists.


pappi3, e-mail, 26.02.2010 02:35

The engines seem to be a little close together. From what I can find on the plane, it was also under-powered until they replaced by, 740-hp Bristol Pegasus 48s or 1065-hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-SlC3-Gs. Apparently it handled well, even when under-powered.


Marlene, e-mail, 08.12.2009 21:20

does anyone know where I can go to sell a bathroom mirror that my grandfather took out of a captured plane? of the 8 captured, 1 was flown to dayton ohio before it was disposed of.


Jim Lloyd, e-mail, 05.06.2009 19:36

Where do you get inferior?


Stratomunchkin, 05.06.2009 16:46

Indeed, looks like a - inferior - copy of the FW-200.


Sgt.KAR98, 03.07.2008 04:34

A copy of the FW-200?


Aero-Fox, 21.03.2008 23:20

Looks like a very capable transport.


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