SIAI-Marchetti S.205, S.208
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SIAI-Marchetti S.205, S.208

Design of the S.205 four-seat all-metal light monoplane was started in March 1964 and by April of the following year three examples had been completed. Each had a 134kW Lycoming engine fitted, but a wide range of versions subsequently became available with different engines and equipment.

In 1968 the S.208 version became available, produced basically as a five-seat, more powerful version of the S.205, with some 60% of its structural components in common. By February 1973 approximately 80 S.208s had been delivered to customers in Europe and Africa, including 44 S.208Ms to the Italian Air Force for liaison and training duties. A version for general duties, including agricultural and ambulance work, was developed as the S.208AG.

    Take-off weight1350 kg2976 lb
    Empty weight750 kg1653 lb
    Wingspan10.86 m36 ft 8 in
    Length8 m26 ft 3 in
    Height2.89 m10 ft 6 in
    Wing area16.09 m2173.19 sq ft
    Max. speed295 km/h183 mph
    Ceiling6200 m20350 ft
    Range1325 km823 miles

Robert m jenkins, 20.06.2017

Jim and Ron,I was in Asmara from 68 to 70 and we got two Piper TriPacers from Wheelus field in Libya. I seem to recall that we ordered
a Marchetti in about 1969 and heard it went down near Massawa in about 71.Rumors at that time that aircraft was shot down by ELF/EPLF.i think of Asmara often. Was at Tract C. Regards,

wynand, 23.01.2014

Exellent plane its got the cockpit space , speed and fly easy
Some company should build them again , and they would not be sorry
I just battle with my mixture settings
Its verry sensitive , but aparently its a common thing with the
Franklin engine

Dr. John C. Calhoun, 05.11.2012

Had the pleasure of flying a 205 and the 208 in Ethiopia (1968-70) under the tutelage of a Cdr Silvano Galli the "test pilot" for SM at that time. Took the 205 out to the islands and the 208 (ET-ADK) to Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salam, and the Ngorongoro crater once upon a time. It was an experience I'd wish for any pilot to have. Both a/c performed as you'd expect any fine Italian crafted machine to do. With the tip tanks (208) it had the long legs necessary for the Addis-Nairobi leg of the trip. The 208's sister ship (ET-ADI) was lost in an accident after I left in June of 1970. Kagnew station was "home" for some of us. We also had a Cessna 140 available for training for those starting out. Went to Nairobi and brought back a Piper Tripacer for training also ... with the help of John Thornton, our only CFI instructor.
Stonehouse ........ lives on ......... NoSuchAgency!!!!

Jim, 31.08.2010

We owned a S205/22w which had the 220hp Franklin. It was a great airplane with some significant drawbacks. We lice in Texas and parts are very expensive since the plane was manufactured in Italy. There are repetitive AD's involving the landing gear that require dye testing of metal parts after 25 hours.
Other than that it is a very nice plane to fly. Power to weight ratio makes it a load hauler and it has long legs due to the fuel load.

Ron, 29.12.2009

The S205/22R was never a trainer. It was the retractable version of the 205 with a franklin engine. We also had a 205R which was the same airplane with a Lycoming. The left door was a factory option. These are very nice airplanes.
The Kagnew Station Flying Club in Asmara has a 205 fixed gear and we also had access to a 208 a five place version that also could have an optional left door. Very fast and worked well out of the 8600 MSL airport.

vince, 08.12.2008

what is the skinny on the actual s205 /22r? I found one with 2 doors and a fifth seat. Is this airplane all that it says in the limited info I could find? And because it was designed with 2 seats (Military trainer) does it hold or is it designed to hold together better than the common s205. Also, what is the actual performance of the franklin motor and the service ceiling and so on of this airplane.
Thanks Vince

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