SIAI-Marchetti S.M.102


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SIAI-Marchetti S.M.102

Twin-engined light transport aircraft accommodating eight passengers. The first prototype flew on 24 February 1949.

  Take-off weight5050 kg11133 lb
  Wingspan18 m59 ft 1 in
  Max. speed330 km/h205 mph

BERNARD RUMBOLD, e-mail, 08.12.2016 18:42

Ugly version of the Anson


Barry, 02.06.2016 13:35

First flying on the 24th February 1949, and developed from the earlier single engine S.M.101, the S.M.102 was originally powered by 2 x 500 h.p. Ranger SGV-770C-1B engines. After an unsuccessful sales tour of India and the Middle East the aircraft was adapted to an Italian Air Force requirement for a light transport. Twenty one were ordered and they flew until being retired in 1959.

Power plant 2 x 450 h.p Pratt & Whitney R-985 Twin Wasp Junior 9 cylinder air cooled radial engines.

Length 43'0" Height 11'5" Wing area 457 sq ft
Empty weight 7,606 lb

Max speed @ 5,900 ft 214 mph
Cruising speed @ 11,200 ft 179 mph
Service ceiling 19,685 ft


3VI, e-mail, 10.06.2007 10:21

Unlucky son of italian pre-war great tradition?


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