Fuji T-1 Hatsutaka
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Fuji T-1 Hatsutaka

First flown in 1958, the T1A is an intermediate trainer powered by a 1820kg Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 805 turbojet engine. Forty were built for the JASDF, delivery ending in May 1963. The T1B version was first flown in 1960. Twenty-two were built for the JASDF, each powered by an Ishikawajima-Harima J3-IHI-3 turbojet engine.

Fuji T-1 Hatsutaka

 ENGINE1 x BS "Orpheus 80506", 17.8kN
    Take-off weight5000 kg11023 lb
    Empty weight2420 kg5335 lb
    Wingspan10.5 m34 ft 5 in
    Length12.1 m40 ft 8 in
    Height4.1 m13 ft 5 in
    Wing area22.2 m2238.96 sq ft
    Max. speed925 km/h575 mph
    Cruise speed620 km/h385 mph
    Ceiling15900 m52150 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1300 km808 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 12.7mm machine-guns, 2 cannons or 4 missiles or 2 bombs

blockhaj, 11.11.2015

Are there any info on the cannons it had?

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