Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru
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Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru

First flown on 12 August 1965, the Aero Subaru is a four-seat light monoplane, produced in three versions with 119-134kW Lycoming engines. Between 1968 and 1985 a total of 274 were completed.

Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru

 ENGINE1 x Lyc. O-360, 132kW
    Take-off weight1060 kg2337 lb
    Empty weight620 kg1367 lb
    Wingspan9.4 m31 ft 10 in
    Length8.0 m26 ft 3 in
    Height2.6 m9 ft 6 in
    Wing area14.0 m2150.69 sq ft
    Max. speed225 km/h140 mph
    Cruise speed211 km/h131 mph
    Ceiling4724 m15500 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1295 km805 miles

horst, 28.01.2014

Is there any chance to get a plot of the airfoil (U615M), since I am planning to build a RC Model and would like to use the original airfoil. I cant find anything in the internet.

sven, 23.03.2012

Proper canopy? You like the ones that restrict your view ?
As for the fuji, corrosion problems have grounded many. A bit of a barge if I remember it correctly.

Hiroyuki Takeuchi, 23.03.2012

The airfoil is a Fuji original called U615M. This is an laminar flow type. It is also interesting that the horizontal tail has a negative camber, like a Clark Y turned upside down.

Recordo, 21.02.2010

What the Grumman Tiger would have looked like with a proper canopy. Which airfoil is a good question.

mark, 28.03.2008

yes i have one question:
What kind type profile was used to build the wing?
I mean NACA profile for exeple: NACA 23018
If someone know ,please send me this information to my email>
Thank you

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