Hiro H3H / Type 90 Model 1


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Hiro H3H / Type 90 Model 1

Three-engined, monoplane flying boat. Retired before the outbreak of WWII.

Barry, 12.12.2016 17:33

This was a "one off" built by the Hiro Navy Arsenal in the Hiroshima prefecture. It was an all metal flying boat using
a new engine built by Mitsubishi and was intended to replace earlier designs. Unfortunately it failed in one key area, and that was it failed to take off. The Imperial Japanese Navy decided to go with a version of the Short Calcutta.

I would guess Matt Holey that the reason the middle engine was not running was that the plane was in landing mode (note elevator).


Matt Holey, e-mail, 15.01.2011 02:16

Judging by the picture, the middle engine isn't running. Wonder why.


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