Kawasaki Ki-78
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Kawasaki Ki-78

The first prototype flew on December 26, 1942.

Kawasaki Ki-78

 ENGINE1 x Deimler-Benz DB-601A, 880kW
    Take-off weight2300 kg5071 lb
    Empty weight1930 kg4255 lb
    Wingspan8 m26 ft 3 in
    Length8.1 m27 ft 7 in
    Height3.07 m10 ft 1 in
    Wing area11 m2118.40 sq ft
    Max. speed700 km/h435 mph
    Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
    Range600 km373 miles

Kawasaki Ki-78A three-view drawing (752 x 1239)

Stephen Round, 19.10.2013

Before Japan joined up with the axis Rolls Royce did supply Japan with some very very early R. R. Griffon (supersuper 2400+bhp oversize Merlin) type engines from the Supermarine S6 seaplane racer program - probably the level of technology R.R. had utilised involved too much research over to long a time span for them.

Maybe maybe may.. - it was a shame that R.R. got too involved with the old Merlin the Griffon was exceptional. It was only outperformed by the English 24 cylinder Napier Sabre at 3500+ which the English never offered to other countries. Both these engines were less than half the size and the weight of every other potential 2000bhp engines produced by anywone else anywhere!

If they had made a breeakthrough the Pacific War would have been a very close run thing

fahuang, 20.06.2011

Love to build a replica of this little Hot Rod! Looks good for 500mph with a Merlin stuffed in its nose!

, 20.06.2011

Kawasaki Ki-78

Bill Kohler, 18.11.2010

Mykola; Record means it was built to break the world air speed record.

I would like to see some good RC scale plans to build this one.

Mykola, 18.10.2010

What does Record aircraft mean?

Joerg Herold, 08.09.2010

AZmodel has two kits of the Ki-78, the prototype and a nice one with "what if" markings. Simple kit, but looks good.

paul scott, 10.09.2009

Nice aircraft, strange, futuristic look to it, like a bloated 109!

Mick Dunne, 29.12.2007

Love to build a replica of this little Hot Rod! Looks good for 500mph with a Merlin stuffed in its nose!

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