Kobe Te-Go
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Kobe Te-Go

Kobe Seiko "Te"-Go experimental observation plane was designed by Prof. Tetsuo Miki of Osaka University. The sole prototype was completed in 1942 but crashed during a test flight.

Kobe Te-Go

 ENGINE1 x 240hp Argus AS-10
    Wingspan12.0 m39 ft 4 in
    Length9.5 m31 ft 2 in

Ray, 20.04.2011

Thank you for putting up pictures on this aircraft. I never heard of it until a few days ago doing research and even Wikipedia don't have much information on it(no pictures). My question is why after it crashed was there any more development on it or research? Was there even a production on it or did the company moved on to other projects?

DebtMan, 01.10.2010

Looks like the japs in the afan for built scout planes was acquired the license of Fi-156

tyler, 13.06.2010

i think the germans gave the building plans to japan and built it there just like with the me 262

chris, 05.06.2010

Sorry, I wrote the false number, its Fieseler Fi 156-Storch

chris, 05.06.2010

Looks like the german Fiesler Fi 167 Storch-Rommels preferred plane....maybe a copy?

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