Kokusai Ku 8-II
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Kokusai Ku 8-II

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Kokusai Ku 8-II

Sid Trevethan, 21.11.2016

The Ki-4 is a Nakajima Type 94 Reconnaissance Plane, obsolete in 1941.
The Ku-4 is a Kayaba experimental tailless airplane. Probably a Ku-3 or Ku-3 tailless glider with an engine.

Sid Trevethan, 19.03.2016

The photograph is a Ku-8 II because of the hinged door

Tony French, 22.12.2011

Dear Fellow Aeroplane Fanciers, Great glider and interesting context. I wonder about Jap airborne ops of which I have never heard. Use of word "bugger" indicates Australian correspondent, as am I.
Please bear with me when I change the subject - I cannot find a drawing of the Nakajima Ki-4 Army Type 94 biplane - a superb subject for flying scale peanuts - my passion. It has beautiful eliptical wings, generous flying surfaces and dihedral, and lots served in China from 1934 as reconnaissance planes. Would be grateful for assistance Tony

, 17.06.2011

air max

Mike, 09.05.2011

I have been claiming in my lectures on Japanese Aircraft that these were used operationally in the Philipines and at Palembang. I am buggered if i can now recall where the hell I found that info. Can anyone help??

deaftom, 02.03.2011

Mykla: No engine. (Hint: "Ku" was the Japanese Army designation for gliders. "Ki" was for powered airplanes.)

Windswords, 01.12.2010

The Ku-8 was developed from the army Ki-59 transport by removing the engines, gas tanks, and revising the landing gear. The Ku-8-I could carry up to 18 troops, the Ku-8-II up to twenty.

Mykla, 18.10.2010

Does it have an engine?

Mario Monteiro, 05.07.2008

I am Brazilian!!! very , very good your photographs> have you drawings???? I am modeler in escale!

THE WHO, 23.03.2008


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