Mitsubishi MU-2
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Mitsubishi MU-2

In 1956 Mitsubishi began the design of a light utility transport to be powered by two turboprop engines and allocated the designation Mitsubishi MU-2. It was not until 14 September 1963 that the first of four prototypes was flown, a cantilever high-wing monoplane with a pressurised fuselage, retractable tricycle landing gear and two'wing-mounted turboprop engines. Initial production versions were the MU-2A with Turbomeca Astazou turboprops, MU-2B with Garrett TPE331 turboprops and a similar MU-2D, an unpressurised multi-role MU-2C for the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force, a search-and-rescue MU-2E, and the MU-2F with uprated TPE331 engines. The MU-2G which fol-- lowed had the powerplant of the MU-2F and was the first with a lengthened fuselage (by 1.88 m); subsequent versions have included the MU-2J with more powerful engines, MU-2K combining MU-2F fuselage and MU-2J powerplant, MU-2L and MU-2M higher-weight variants of the MU-2J and MU-2K respectively, and finally the MU-2N and MU-2P, corresponding to the MU-2Land MU-2M, but with Garrett TPE331-5-252M engines. In 1965 Mitsubishi established a factory at San Angelo, Texas, to assemble MU-2s for the North American market, and this became the main assembly and marketing point for worldwide distribution under the name Mitsubishi Aircraft International Inc. Last production models of the MU-2 were the long-fuselage Marquise, with Garrett TPE331-10-501M turboprop engines flat-rated to 533kW, accommodating a crew of two plus seven to nine passengers; and the Solitaire, with the same engines flat-rated to 496kW, seating a crew of two plus six or seven passengers. Apart from powerplant, these two versions are basically similar to the earlier MU-2N and MU-2P respectively. When production ended at the end of 1983, 831 MU-2s of all versions had been built, including 73 military versions.

Mitsubishi MU-2

 ENGINE2 x turbo-prop Turb. "Astazou II", 415kW
    Take-off weight3600 kg7937 lb
    Empty weight2072 kg4568 lb
    Wingspan10.3 m34 ft 10 in
    Length10.1 m33 ft 2 in
    Height4.0 m13 ft 1 in
    Wing area16.6 m2178.68 sq ft
    Max. speed525 km/h326 mph
    Cruise speed523 km/h325 mph
    Ceiling11000 m36100 ft
    Range w/max.fuel2830 km1759 miles

john amann, 21.06.2017

Given all the bad PR and stories the MU is a great plane and one has to get some time before thinking they can just jump in and take over like a Cessna. I fly in southern Florida and into grass fields without an issue (manatee airport) and my MU is great for its class. It is reliable as long as you maintain it properly. With its recent rebuild it will go for another 30 years faster and more comfortable. Key is to get the training needed as there are different procedures for emergencies and engine out situations.

John Constantine, 06.01.2012

We have owned an MU-2M since new in August 1975 for use in our company. Our aircraft is one of only 2 MU-2's purchased by the original owners. It has been an extremely reliable and capable aircraft. I must also take issue with the comment made by Jon. The MU-2 has wonderful stall characteristics and Jon's comment is totally incorrect. The spoilers acturally improve roll control at stall. Most negative comments made about MU-2's are by people who have never flown them and therefore unqualified to comment.

JT Baker, 11.01.2011

Many well maintained MU-2's are available here in the USA at very reasonable prices. I would like to make contact with individuals or corp. organizations interested in leasing or purchasing MU-2's for the Brazilian market. Please contact me: J.T. 7 JAN 2011

JohnEBoy, 25.06.2010

I am wondering why so many places i see the specs as flt level 28K yields a cabin of 8.8k yet specs here list the ceiling at 36.1K ft. Are the specs wrong or can the craft be flown at that level safetly without extra stress on the pressurized cabine?

john waller, 28.02.2010

I fly these airplanes nearly everyday for a large cargo operator in the east coast. I love this airplane and to say it's more inclined to stall with spoilers is totally false.

It's fast economical and very safe when flown by a well trained pilot. If I had the ability I'd own one in a heartbeat.

Jon, 25.01.2010

The MU2 is an orphanmaker. Instead of using alerons for roll control, it uses spoilers, so at recommended minimum airspeeds it is extremely inclined to stall.

William C Wilson, 16.02.2009

I have seen this plane at Jefco back in about 1969 when I received my pilots certificate. Now I am looking for an aircraft, and you all know what it will be. Here in Brazil, at least Sao Paulo, there are many flying well. Good for flying into short fields, and not hard paved ones at that.

lyle gill, 04.02.2009

I have a little time on an MU2J and it is the finest aircraft ever made and Mr Howellthe 3rd gave me the best ground schooling i ever had on any aircraft and i flew for 44 years Thank You

gordon mcmahon, 22.09.2008

I worked on them for several years at the Houston service center. They are a great airplane, but not for a biginner.Recommend a good school such as flt safety for instruction and check out.It does not deserve the reputation it has acquired.

Barnie Slice, 17.05.2008

I love flying Radio Controlled model airplanes and it has always been a dream of mine to build a model of a MU-2 but cannot find plans or kit for it. Someone told me a European company carries one. Does anyone know?

Al Watson, 14.05.2008

The Astazou engine was a 565 shp engine. The picture is serial number MU-2A 3. I have a photo of cockpit but do not know how to send an attachment. I also have color photos of same aircraft.I teach MU-2 ground School at Howell Enterprises in Smyrna TN.

marcos valério, 18.11.2007

I interesting all detail concern mu-2,I start fly mu2

Okan MUTLU, 14.02.2007

Dear Sir/Madam,
I interesting the MU-2 Aircrafts, please can you send a all detail... ASAP...
Best regards,

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