Mitsubishi T-2


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Mitsubishi T-2

The T-2 was the first supersonic aircraft developed by the Japanese aircraft industry. It is a twin-engined two-seat jet trainer designed to meet the requirements of the JASDF. The first XT-2 prototype took to the air on 20 July 1971 and flew supersonically for the first time in level flight (Mach 1.03) during its 30th flight on 19 November 1971.

Production orders were placed for 92 T-2s: 28 T-2 advanced trainers, 62 T-2A combat trainers, and two as prototypes for the F-1 close-support fighter version. All of them retired from service by 1988.

Mitsubishi T-2

 ENGINE2 x RR/Turb. "Adour", 22.8kN
  Take-off weight9650 kg21275 lb
  Empty weight6200 kg13669 lb
  Wingspan7.9 m26 ft 11 in
  Length17.9 m59 ft 9 in
  Height4.5 m15 ft 9 in
  Wing area21.2 m2228.19 sq ft
  Max. speedM1.6 M1.6
  Ceiling15250 m50050 ft
  Range w/max.fuel2870 km1783 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 20mm cannon, 8-12 bombs, 2-4 missiles

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