Nakajima J5N Tenrai
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Nakajima J5N Tenrai

Designed by Katsuji Nakamura and Kazuo Ohno and built to an 18-Shi specification for a high-speed single-seat interceptor fighter, the Nakajima J5N1 Tenrai (heavenly thunder) began flight tests in July 1944. A mid-wing monoplane with a raised canopy over the pilot's cockpit, it was powered by two 1484kW Nakajima NK9H Homare 21 radials and had a maximum speed of 597km/h. Armament comprised two 30mm and two 20mm cannon. Six aircraft were built, but as performance was disappointingly below specification no production resulted.

Nakajima J5N Tenrai

 MODELNakajima J5N "Tenrai"
 ENGINE2 x Nakajima NK9H "Homare-21", 1484kW
    Max. speed597 km/h371 mph
 ARMAMENT2 x 30mm cannons, 2 x 20mm cannons

Nakajima J5N TenraiA three-view drawing (1412 x 736)

Nakajima J5N Tenrai

Naga, 10.08.2011

Is there a better three-dimensional representation of the aircraft than the 1412x736 pictured above?

Glenn, 25.06.2011

The problem with the Japanese was they couln't control their own country & as a result, the military took over the government & the military as well. It wasn't until the final months of the war that they started to understand they needed better planes. ESPECIALLY better armor & self-sealing fuel tanks. As usual, it proved too little, too late.

zhuma, 20.06.2011

performance was disappointingly below specification no production resulted.

, 20.06.2011

Nakajima J5N Tenrai

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