Nakajima Ki-19
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Nakajima Ki-19

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Nakajima Ki-19

Jimmy Sperling, 30.09.2011

One prototype was converted to a long-range civil transport and sold in 1937 to Manchurian Air Lines (that particular name might not be correct). The airline was going to use it in long-range routes connecting Manchukou with Europe. The airline also purchased some Ju 86Z-3s and two Heinkel He 116As to pioneer and survey the route, but troubles with the Soviets intervened. This plane sat on a Mukden airfield until scrapped in 1941.

, 18.06.2011

among the planes of Kawasaki

Leo Rudnicki, 09.06.2009

The Nakajima KI-19 lost in competition to the Mitsubishi KI-21 "Sally'. They were so embarassed that they called it a Kawasaki.

J.A.G. Bekker, 27.03.2009

Why do i find the Nakajima Ki-19 among the planes of Kawasaki?

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