Nakajima Ki-4


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Nakajima Ki-4

Extensively test-flown in 1934, the Nakajima Ki-4 sesquiplane had divided landing gear with streamlined wheel spats, and accommodated pilot and observer in tandem open cockpits, the pilot just below a cut-out in the trailing edge of the upper wing. The Ki-4 went into production and service in 1935 as the Army Type 94 Reconnaissance Aircraft Model 2 which dispensed with the wheel fairings and had a redesigned tail unit. Production continued for several years, some aircraft being licence-built by Tachikawa among the total of 516.

The Type 94 was used widely in China by the Japanese army on direct co-operation duties, in close support of the ground forces. It was armed with up to four 7.7mm machine-guns and could carry 50kg of light bombs. A number were still in service in the supply and liaison role in 1941. The Japanese army tested two Ki-4s as seaplanes, one with twin floats and the other with one main and two stabilising floats. A landplane was used for flotation bag tests to check buoyancy in the event of an emergency put-down on water.

Powered by a 477kW Ha-8 radial engine, the Type 94 could attain a speed of 300km/h. Wing span was 12.00m and maximum take-off weight 2500kg.

 ENGINE1 x Ha-8, 477kW
  Take-off weight2500 kg5512 lb
  Wingspan12 m39 ft 4 in
  Max. speed300 km/h186 mph
 ARMAMENT4 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 50kg of bombs

Billy R Leon, e-mail, 27.04.2021 21:44

To answer my own question and if anybody else is interested. I came upon a source that listed the flight range for this aircraft as 745 miles.


Billy R Leon, e-mail, 23.02.2021 04:02

What was the range of this aircraft?


Tony French, e-mail, 22.12.2011 17:31

Dear Fellow Aeroplane Lovers,
I cannot find drawings of this beauty. Its eliptical sesquiplane wings, generous wing area and dihedral make it an excellent flying scale subjecct. Please assist Tony


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