Rikugun Ki-93
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Rikugun Ki-93

The first prototype flew in April 1945. Two built.

Rikugun Ki-93

 ENGINE2 x Mitsubishi Ha-214, 1800kW
    Take-off weight10660 kg23501 lb
    Empty weight7686 kg16945 lb
    Wingspan19 m62 ft 4 in
    Length14.22 m47 ft 8 in
    Height4.85 m16 ft 11 in
    Wing area54.75 m2589.32 sq ft
    Max. speed624 km/h388 mph
    Cruise speed350 km/h217 mph
    Ceiling12050 m39550 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3000 km1864 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 57mm cannon, 2 x 20mm cannons, 1 x 12.7mm machine-guns

Rikugun Ki-93A three-view drawing (1741 x 1210)

Rikugun Ki-93

Burunduk, 27.07.2011

There were two versions of Ki-93: interceptor Ki-93a with 1-57mm, 2-20mm cannons and navy attacker Ki-93b with 1-75mm (!) cannon and 2 250kg bombs.

y.k, 07.03.2011

Ki-93 wasn't a fighter.
It was designed as a ground attacker.

DebtMan, 01.10.2010

looks like in the disperate conditions of 1945,Japan was intented built Ju-88īs

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