Tachikawa Ki-54
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Tachikawa Ki-54

Designed as an advanced trainer/crew trainer, the Tachikawa Ki-54 was flown in prototype form during the summer of 1940. A cantilever low-wing monoplane with retractable tailwheel landing gear, it was powered by two wing-mounted Hitachi Ha-13a radial engines. Successful testing led to the initial version intended primarily for pilot training, ordered during 1941 as the Army Type 1 Advanced Trainer Model A (Tachikawa Ki-54a). It was built in several versions to a total of 1368, and allocated the Allied codename 'Hickory'.

Tachikawa Ki-54

 ENGINE2 x Hitachi Ha-13a, 380kW
    Take-off weight3897 kg8591 lb
    Empty weight2954 kg6512 lb
    Wingspan17.9 m59 ft 9 in
    Length11.94 m39 ft 2 in
    Height3.58 m12 ft 9 in
    Wing area40 m2430.56 sq ft
    Max. speed375 km/h233 mph
    Ceiling7180 m23550 ft
    Range960 km597 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 7.7mm machine-guns

Tachikawa Ki-54A three-view drawing (752 x 925)

Tachikawa Ki-54

Trevor Webb, 09.02.2012

Anumber of variants werre planned or built. The first production model was the Ki-54a wich was a pilot trainer. This was followed by the major production model the Ki-54b. This was a full crew trainer with two dorsakl turrets and underwing racks for practice bombs. A transport version was built as the Ki-54c with eight passenger seats. A single all wooden Ki54c was built but bombed before it could fly.This was designated Ki-110.A fuel tanker variant of the Ki-54c, the Ki-111 of metal construction and the similar all wood Ki-114 were nener flown.A small number of Ki-54d were built and used for theASW role. In addition a few civil versions of the Ki-54c were built and designated Y-59.

gangya, 20.06.2011

In 2009 april the wreck of a Ki-54 was finded in Kerama Retto and currently another wreck was finded in Vladivostok

, 20.06.2011

Tachikawa Ki-54

Mike Dunne, 09.05.2011

Apparently these aircraft were much prized as 'squadron hacks, by allied pilots when the were captured in flying condition!

DebtMan, 20.10.2010

In 2009 april the wreck of a Ki-54 was finded in Kerama Retto and currently another wreck was finded in Vladivostok

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