Toyo T.T.10


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Toyo T.T.10

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Barry, 07.06.2016 14:11

This was the first aircraft built by the Tokyo Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Toyo Koko Kabushiki Kaisha), flying for the first time on 30th December 1952. Followed by another example of this two seater on 11th February 1953. It is quite possible that these were the only two manufactured.

Power plant 1 x 140 h.p. Lycoming 0-290-D2 flat four air cooled engine.

Span 28'3" Length 23'5" Height 6'11" Wing area 129 sq ft
Empty weight 1,252 lb Gross weight 1,764 lb

Maximum speed 146 mph Cruising speed 118 mph
Service ceiling 14,100 ft


Barry, 17.08.2012 14:51

No its not!


DebtMan, e-mail, 01.10.2010 06:53

Is similar to T-6 Texan?


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