Yokosuka Navy Type 92 / B3Y


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Yokosuka Navy Type 92 / B3Y

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Barry, 07.06.2016 14:35

Designed as a replacement for the Mitsubishi B2M this plane was a bit of a dog but better than the competing designs from Mitsubishi and Nakajima. Entering service in August 1933 as the Kugisho Navy Type 92 carrier attack bomber it was plagued by unreliability. A total of 129 were produced by Aichi and the Hiro Naval Arsenal. Apparently it redeemed itself slightly in the second Sino Japanese war where it was found to be accurate at bombing small targets. It was phased out to make way for the Aichi D1A dive bomber and the Yokosuka B4Y torpedo bomber.

Crew 3
Power plant 1 x 600 h.p. Hiro Type 91 12 cylinder 'W' block in line water cooled engine.

Span 44'4" Length 31'2" Height 12'3" Wing area 538 sq ft
Empty weight 4,090 lb Gross weight 7,050 lb

Maximum speed 136 mph

Armament 1 forward firing 7.7 mm machine gun with a similar weapon on a flexible mount in the rear cockpit
1 x 1,764 lb torpedo or 1,100 lb bombs


wudao, 18.06.2011 07:16

The later BIII model did not handle as well as the earlier BII so this model was put back into production.


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