Yokosuka D3Y Myojo
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Yokosuka D3Y Myojo

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Yokosuka D3Y Myojo

Yokosuka D3Y MyojoA three-view drawing (1450 x 1100)

marry, 20.06.2011

Looks like the japs was converted Vals in suicide platforms

, wholesale=gmail.com, 20.06.2011

Yokosuka D3Y Myojo

bombardier, 2888617=gmail.com, 24.05.2011

A simplified all wood version of the famous D3A Val,the D5Y was a single seat suicide aircraft derived from the D3Y

Ben Beekman, bbeekman=optonline.net, 02.03.2011

As per Wikipedia the stats care:
Crew: 2
Length: 36 ft, 9 1/2 inches
Span: 45 ft, 11 1/8 inches
Height: 13 ft, 8 3/4 inches
Wing area: 353 sq. ft.
Empty Wt.: 7,055 lb.
Gross Wt.: 9,259 lb.
Engine: Mitsdubishi Kinsei 54 radial 970 kw/1,300 hp
Max. speed: 280 mph
Cruise speed: 184 mph
The D3YK-1 was used as a 2-seat dive bomber trainer.
The D3YK-2 was a single seat suicide attack plane with jettisonable undercarriage; armament was 2x20 mm cannon in cowling plus 1x 1,760 lb bomb

DebtMan, na=32.mx, 01.10.2010

Looks like the japs was converted Vals in suicide platforms

leo rudnicki, leo_rudnicki=hotmail.com, 10.04.2009

The all wood version of the Aichi D3A Val

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