Yokosuka H5Y Cherry


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Yokosuka H5Y Cherry

In 1934 the staff of the Yokosuka Navy Arsenal turned their hand to the design of a twin-engined flying-boat, the Yokosuka H5Y powered by two 895kW Mitsubishi Shinten 21 radial engines. Although built to a total of 20 during 1936-40 as the Navy Type 99 Flying-Boat, its performance was disappointing and, consequently, was deployed only on second-line duties.

Yokosuka H5Y Cherry

 ENGINE2 x Mitsubishi "Shinten-21", 895kW
  Take-off weight12500 kg27558 lb
  Wingspan31.57 m104 ft 7 in
  Length20.52 m67 ft 4 in
  Max. speed305 km/h190 mph
  Ceiling5200 m17050 ft
  Range4700 km2921 miles
 ARMAMENT3 x 7.9mm machine-guns, 500kg of bombs

Yokosuka H5Y CherryA three-view drawing (592 x 680)

Mr Graham Summers, e-mail, 31.03.2020 22:17

Just to correct the info given by Klaatu83, in fact there were 20 examples of the H5Y built, comprising of two prototypes and 18 production aircraft. As for the oither information, he was indeed correct that it was under powered and relegated to second line duties such as training and transport.


Klaatu83, e-mail, 10.02.2013 00:01

This was not so much a copy of a Catalina as a smaller, twin-engine "Mavis". It proved to be under-powered, so only about ten were ever completed, and were relegated to second-line duties.


beufangnan, 20.06.2011 13:51

I am currently scratch building this aircraft from my own vac-u-form mold.


DebtMan, e-mail, 01.10.2010 07:03

Well,ha,ha,looks like the japs was built Catalinas in the prewar


Ray O'Neill, e-mail, 07.06.2007 06:43

In the Koku Fan famous Aircraft of the World,No. 49,dedicated to the "Emily",there is a photo of a "Cherry" on the water camoflaged but with civil registration.
I am currently scratch building this aircraft from my own vac-u-form mold.
Check it out.


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