Dobkevicius D.I
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Dobkevicius D.I

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Nikolai, 23.12.2010

Designed by Jurgis Dobkevicius the "D-2"(Dobi-2)two-seat reconnaissance aircraft was powered by 200 hp "Benz B24" engine and was successfully tested on 13 October 1923.

guest, 18.12.2010

@Cal Wilkinson
"The forward visibility looks extremely poor." how this?, the pilot sees above the wing

Tom, 16.11.2008

I live in Lithuania and I read a book about our aviation. It says, that Dobkevicius constructed Dobi I, Dobi II and Dobi III planes and died in testing the Dobi III 1926 06 08.

Eduardo Macri, 07.10.2008

They are in error. Photo above corresponds to the plane źDobkevicius Dobi II╗ and not the Dobi I, as you have published.

Cal Wilkinson, 26.07.2008

The forward visibility looks extremely poor. The wing appears to have no two ribs of the same configuration on each side of the aircraft.

Allan Birmantas, 18.04.2008

Man.that is one weird looking plane :)

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