Kjeller FF 6 (T.2)
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Kjeller FF 6 (T.2)

Acquisition from Spain of five 150hp Hispano-Suiza eight-cylinder Vee-type engines prompted the Norwegian Army Flying-Service (Haerens Flyvevaesen) to order the design of a single-seat fighter around this power plant. Design was begun by Ing Hellesen at the Kjeller Flyfabrikk in the autumn of 1919, by which time the requirement had changed to that of a two-seat fighter-reconnaissance aircraft. Of wooden construction with a plywood monocoque fuselage and designated FF 6 by the factory and T.2 by the Army, the prototype was flown in 1921. It immediately displayed unacceptable characteristics which were exacerbated by the fact that the Hispano-Suiza engine was found to develop only 103hp. A max speed of only 100km/h was attained compared with an anticipated maximum of 132km/h. Further development was therefore abandoned after the first test flight.

    Wingspan11.75 m39 ft 7 in
    Length7.25 m24 ft 9 in
    Height3.57 m12 ft 9 in

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