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PZL 102B

On 23 May 1958 P.Z.L. flew the prototype of a two-seat semi-aerobatic light monoplane to which it allocated the designation P.Z.L. 102, later giving it the name Kos (blackbird). Of all-metal construction, except for fabric-covered tail control surfaces, this had fixed tailwheel landing gear, seated two side-by-side in an enclosed cockpit and, as first flown, was powered by a 48kW (65-hp) Nar-kiewicz WN-1 flat-four engine. Further prototypes preceded the production P.Z.L. 102B flown first in October 1959, which was powered by a Continental C90-12F engine, and the type was built in moderate numbers before production ended in 1964.

PZL 102BA three-view drawing (780 x 1022)

 ENGINE1 x Continental C90-12F flat-four piston engine, 71kW
  Take-off weight655 kg1444 lb
  Empty weight418 kg922 lb
  Wingspan8.5 m28 ft 11 in
  Length6.95 m23 ft 10 in
  Height1.9 m6 ft 3 in
  Wing area11.0 m2118.40 sq ft
  Max. speed190 km/h118 mph
  Ceiling4600 m15100 ft
  Range640 km398 miles

Joe Shatz, e-mail, 18.11.2010 04:49

I was one of the first owners of ZS-UDI {I think]and felt quite safe with it once I had it in my hanger with the doors double padlocked.
I managed some fair aerobatics but if you needed to land in a 9knot crosswind you went somewhere else. Alan Lurie {Major in 40 Squadron] taught me to almost fly it and I only had one small midfire fire

Joe Shatz
Sydney Australia


Paulo Polé, e-mail, 29.03.2010 02:25

I own and fly one of these under 79 and 85. I fly about 400 hs and we have a lot of histories. Her comand response is imbeliveble. A have one manual copy in english. The manutention was made by myself.Was matriculed PT-BGP.
Escuse me my bad english.


BOBBY J, e-mail, 09.01.2010 05:41

This looks very similar to the airplane, "Trainer" that was used in the movie, The Great Escape. James garner stole it? Is this the same? Anyone know? Thanx


Mauricio, e-mail, 22.04.2009 03:27

Hi, I have a PZL 102B and it is for sale. For further information, please contact me by email.


Karol, e-mail, 27.02.2009 23:48

Hello! Mayby someone has information about this plane? Draw, specification. I will very happy if i get it.


Anthony, e-mail, 30.11.2007 17:16

Jeff I would love to chat to you somemore about UDI and is there any possibility that I could buy those manuals off you.my e-mail is antspence@telkomsa.net


Anthony, e-mail, 30.11.2007 17:12

Thanks Jeff that is a great help, appreciate it. i am just finishing off a top overhaul on it.


Jeff Benater, e-mail, 10.11.2007 01:43

Hi - I used to own ZS-UDI which I sold to an SAA Captain-Named Donaldson about 25 years ago - I kept it at Half Way House- the altitude was 6500 ft. The Problem and danger on taking off was to keep the stick slightly forward on take off- otherwise it tended to stall - and one of the of the captains that "Knew All" dipped the right wing into the ground.It is not very Aerobatic and to to a loop you really have to get the speed up in a dive first and pull up and be sharp about the manouver As for rolls, Dive till you get quite max speed ,pull up stick left or right and just before you complete the roll --"opposite rudder completely- just before you get to 270 full opposite and the and then centralize just before you get to 360"- It was never good arobatic machine,at that altitude- I always considered it an unsafe machine and not for the average pilot ==I still have a few manuals Spins were no problem but not more than 2 rotations

I bought the machine from Joe shatz in those days - he had it at barag G - very few pilots wanted to fly it -However my friend Skully Levine and myself managed to master it
an underpowered machine for the highvelt -- coast should be much better
Jeff Benater


Anthony, e-mail, 12.09.2007 18:13

I own one of these aircraft. ZS-UDI and would like to know from anyone who has experiance with the type, just how aerobatic is this aircraft and what is it's "G" loading, as all my books are in polish.


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