PZL 101 Gawron
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PZL 101 Gawron

The PZL 101 was developed from the Yak-12M, which was licence-produced in Poland. The first prototype flew on 15 April 1958. Series production started in 1960. By 1968 a total of 325 Gawrons were built including 143 for export.

PZL 101 GawronA three-view drawing (704 x 996)

 ENGINE1 x Ivchenko AI-14R radial air-cooled piston engine, 260hp
    Take-off weight1610 kg3549 lb
    Empty weight964 kg2125 lb
    Wingspan12.6 m41 ft 4 in
    Length9.0 m30 ft 6 in
    Height3.12 m10 ft 3 in
    Max. speed180 km/h112 mph
    Cruise speed165 km/h103 mph
    Ceiling3200 m10500 ft
    Range525 km326 miles

jarecki, 21.03.2008

Gawron = eng. "Rook"

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