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PZL 106 Kruk

In early 1972 design was initiated of a new agricultural aircraft of braced low-wing monoplane configuration with fixed tailwheel landing gear, a T-tail, and enclosed accommodation for the pilot. First flown in P.Z.L. 106 prototype form on 17 April 1973, then powered by a 298kW Avco Lycoming IO-720 engine, it was followed by five more prototypes, one of which was similarly powered, but four each had a P.Z.L. 3S radial that was the chosen powerplant for production aircraft, the first version being the P.Z.L. 106A Kruk (raven) of which series construction began in 1976. Generally similar to the prototypes, it differed primarily by adopting a conventional tail unit and a larger-capacity chemical hopper, features adopted as standard on all production aircraft. Subsequent P.Z.L. 106A variants have included the P.Z.L. 106AR which introduced a geared P.Z.L. 3SR engine and a larger-diameter propeller; the P.Z.L. 106AS prototype with a 746kW P.Z.L-built Shvetsov ASz-62IR radial engine and, following satisfactory tests, 60 P.Z.L. 106A aircraft operated overseas by Pezetel were converted to this powerplant; and the initial version of the Turbo-Kruk, the P.Z.L. 106AT, which, powered by a 567kW Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6A-34AG turboprop engine, flew for the first time on 22 June 1981. The prototype of an improved version of the P.Z.L. 106A was flown on 15 May 1981. Designated P.Z.L. 106B, this introduced a redesigned wing of increased span and area, and the 106B, 106BR and 106BS production variants superseded the corresponding A-series aircraft during 1982. These were followed by the P.Z.L. 106BT Turbo-Kruk which first flew on 18 September 1985. Powered by a 538kW Czech-built Motorlet M601D turboprop engine, improvements included increased sweep back on the wing, a taller fin and improved chemical payload. Production of all versions of the Kruk had totalled some 250 aircraft by 1990, including 54 exported to East Germany, and 60 plus Kruks used by the Pezetel agricultural air service organisation operating in Egypt. By 1992, however, production was reported to be at a standstill.

PZL 106 KrukA three-view drawing (1200 x 1548)

 ENGINE1 x P.Z.L. 3S radial piston engine, 441kW
  Take-off weight3000 kg6614 lb
  Loaded weight1670 kg3682 lb
  Max. speed137 km/h85 mph
  Ceiling4600 m15100 ft
  Range1100 km684 miles

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