I.A.R. 13
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I.A.R. 13

Retaining the wings and horizontal tail surfaces of the I.A.R.12, the I.A.R.13, which made its debut in 1933, achieved an aerodynamically cleaner fuselage by replacing the W-configuration Lorraine engine of the earlier prototype with a Vee-twelve type Hispano-Suiza 12Mc of 500hp. The I.A.R.13 was of similar construction to preceding Carafoli-designed fighters, with a wooden fuselage and wing of mixed construction, and proved under test to have a very good performance. However, the Romanian Aeronautica Militara preferred the gulled shoulder-wing arrangement of the P.Z.L. P.11 fighter to the low-wing configuration of the I.A.R. fighters. In 1934, the Polish aircraft was selected for the re-equipment of its fighter element, with licence manufacture to be undertaken by I.A.R. Nevertheless, the Romanian company was to persist with its own line of fighter development.

I.A.R. 13A three-view drawing (1280 x 874)

    Take-off weight1530 kg3373 lb
    Wingspan11.70 m38 ft 5 in
    Length7.34 m24 ft 1 in
    Height3.50 m12 ft 6 in
    Wing area19.80 m2213.13 sq ft
    Max. speed330 km/h205 mph

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