I.A.R. 99 Soim
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I.A.R. 99 Soim

The first prototype flew on December 21, 1985. 6 built.

I.A.R. 99 SoimA three-view drawing (752 x 1214)

 MODELIAR 99 "Soim"
 ENGINE1 x Rolls-Royce "Viper" Mk.632-41M, 1820kg
    Take-off weight4400-5560 kg9700 - 12258 lb
    Empty weight3200 kg7055 lb
    Wingspan9.85 m32 ft 4 in
    Length11.01 m36 ft 1 in
    Height3.90 m13 ft 10 in
    Wing area18.71 m2201.39 sq ft
    Max. speed865 km/h538 mph
    Ceiling12900 m42300 ft
    Range970-1100 km603 - 684 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 23mm cannon, up to 800kg of weapons

gby, 12.08.2011

For IAR-93 search the Joint Projects section of this site/ SOKO/CNIAR

Dragos, 14.07.2011

IAR 93 ??? Where is it ?

ovidiu, 26.05.2011

I have some pictures with IAR 93! Why you don't include it? It was built!

ovidiu, 26.05.2011

What about IAR 93? You don't have any information?

Hristo, 17.04.2011

Kind of like it - looks light and sporty. Is it by any chnace a "cousin" with the G4 and especially with the chinese JL-8 (this one looks like it, only fat due to the L-39 engine)?

RAJ PRABHAKAR, 15.12.2010

Dear Sir,
we would like to contact the manufacturer of IS -28B2 Glider manufacturers ,
the address we have is
Please help us in contacting the manuf. as urgent.
we would be thankful to u if u colud provide us the e-mail if any

awaiting a positive response from u.

Marius Robert Dragomir, 14.01.2010

This plane is one of the best in the market.It s too bad that it wasn t build in enough quantities.Wake up guys!Romania doesn t have enough funds too make it better!But in my opinion it can be a rival for many other planes in it s class!So...don t jump with any conclusions until you can fly it!

dman, 13.01.2010

any american plane could beat this

Taufan, 29.12.2008

Great design & better avionics but does it has potential when come to market??

TKD, 03.12.2008

The IAR-99 and the upgraded version IAR-99 SOIM are great aircrafts for pilots, rookie or veteran but it is very poor in maintenance, a lot of problems and overall is way poorer than the L-39 wich in my oppinion is the best school and maintenance aircraft.

avioguru, 23.07.2008

IAR 99 is much better than L-39.It is inferior to L-159 ,British Hawk or MB 339,MIT-AT or whaterver...IAR 109 is maching the planes mentioned above(but IAR 109 was produced only in 1 piece).

Gon4z, 04.03.2008

Sry mate this aircraft is no where close to being a good attack or close support let alone the best this is incomparable to the Czech L-39 & L-159 or Italian M.B.339 or the British Hawks.... they are just much better than this aircraft and proven this aircraft is very similar to the Yugoslav G-4 but its still very inferior to the Yugoslav variant.

Andy, 26.06.2007

I think that this aircraft is underestimated...it is currently used only in training...but in could also be verry successful asa an attacker...because it is very lith and can make manuvers like no other aircraft...i saw it with my eyes...i this could be a good attacker, if not the best.

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